How to make your makeup look more intense/vibrant/pigmented |Amriaa


Happy Saturday bunnies! Today I’m going to walk you through my steps to getting intense pigmented colours in my makeup looks.

If there’s one question I get asked all the time, this is it: How do you make your eyeshadow look more pigmented?


I have the same eyeshadow, why doesn’t mine look like this?

I realize every one of us has his way, but this is what I find most useful and what helps me achieve strongly colourful makeup looks.

So, here’s’ how I apply my vibrant colours every time.

♥ Step 1 – PRIMER


I use this Laura Mercier foundation primer, only because it made my face look like a disco ball but I didn’t want to throw it away. If you have eyeshadow base/primer, great, use that.

Another option, if you don’t have primer at all is to use a bit of foundation, liquid would be great. You need to create a sticky base.



Ok, now that you have your primer on and you decided what colours you are going to use, pick matching liners or cream eyeshadows and blend them on your lid.

If you are going for a pastel, light colour, use WHITE liner underneath, so your skin won’t mute it out that bad. This is especially helpful if you are using a white eyeshadow or highlight.


If you are going for a smokey look, use BLACK liner underneath any dark colour to make it even more intense.


This step is not essential though, if you are using neutrals that blend well with your skin tone there’s no need for anything like this underneath, plus, you can decide upon it based on the quality of your eyeshadow too.


And this is my final tip, apply your eyeshadow damp to get an intense result. You can do this by brushing your eyeshadow brush/applicator/fingers on a wet wipe and then dipping it in the shadow pot, or you can use a TINY BIT of actual water, or saliva (don’t judge).

Remember that you want your product to be only a bit wet and try to blend it out quick or leave the edges in dry shadow, otherwise you’re going to have a bad time blending it in.


I experimented with a dark rosy pink to show you guys the little differences between steps.

I really hope this was helpful and it answered your questions on how to get your makeup look more intense and pigmented, go ahead and try out these tips and you will get the best out of your eyeshadows.


To sum it up:

1. Use a sticky base like primer

2. Use liner before eyeshadow

3. Apply eyeshadow wet/damp

Do tell me how this works for you, have a lovely weekend and I’ll see you later or on twitter ^_^

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44 responses to “How to make your makeup look more intense/vibrant/pigmented |Amriaa

  1. This is one detailed and helpful post! Good job girl! I use all those tips as well, to wet my shadows I use normal water or my all-natural fixing spray. Now I kinda wanna do my makeup with some extra flashy eyeshadows but it’s almost dark outside and hubs is away so no need for makeup 😛 Have a great great great evening love!


  2. I’ve always wondered how your looks can be so pigmented when I had the same dang colors. This is brilliant and I’m so glad you shared. I didn’t even think to use a wet wipe to get the brush wet. Also I’ve totally done the saliva thing when I was too lazy to walk to the kitchen/bathroom ;).


  3. oh, this is a brilliant and helpful post! I love the eyeliner trick and will definitely be trying this 😀 how about brown-toned colors which to me are more nude because of my medium skin? Which color of eyepencil would work best? x


  4. Hey boo!
    Teehee, I was waiting to comment until I got the pencils so I can tweet it to you. I literally just did right now.
    I was driving home and passed by Walgreens just to get them cause I was thinking of this post. Lol.

    Also, stop being sick! But then again I guess you’re just making your immune system stronger Lol

    Love ya! Kisses*


  5. Great post, I’ve been searching a lot lately on this – I think the bases are what I’m mainly lacking in order to make my eyeshadows pop!


  6. Oh thank god I found this! ! I’ve been buying different shadows trying to find a good one but this so saved my money and my eye shadow! !! Thank you so frikin much! !!^.^


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