Makeup Revolution lipstick collection swatches

Hello my beauties, how are you all? I’ve had my Makeup Revolution lipsticks for a while so it was about time I posted some first impressions and swatches pictures.

makeup revolution 1£ lipsticks

makeup revolution 1£ lipstick swatches

makeup revolution lipsticks swatches

makeup revolution london 1£ lipsticks

These aren’t the only Makeup Revolution 1£ lipsticks, they have so many other beautiful shades and collections, I’ve just gotten my hands so far on the ones I am showing you today.

I love that the colours are so bright and pigmented, and even though they don’t last through a meal, they remain on your lips as a stain. And in most cases, I blot out my lipstick after I apply it, just to get that matte stain effect anyway!

makeup revolution london 1£ lipsticks

makeup revolution london 1£ lipsticks

makeup revolution crime and the one swatches

Crime is a vibrant fuchsia pink shade that I have been wearing with smokey eyes, neutrals and even no eye makeup, it is perfect for anything! It looks fresh and youthful and I think I will be wearing it a lot in these warm seasons.

The One is the perfect nude lipstick, suitable for most skin tones. It reminds me a lot of that Kylie Jenner lip that went viral last year.

I find both of these suitable and wearable for everyone, or at least the most wearable of all my collection.

atomic lipsticks

atomic lipsticks

atomic lipsticks swatches

From the Atomic Collection, I got Make Me Tonight, Serpent and Make it Right.

Make Me Tonight is a vampy dark brown with a red undertone. It looks amazing with a cat eye, it’s one of my favourite shades and I know I will be using this one a lot, especially when fall comes.

Serpent is the most unusual shade I have. It’s a shimmery dark green that I think can be paired with a similar coloured line under the eyes. If you are not as daring, you should still get this because it is a perfect shade for Halloween if you are planning to be a witch.

Make it Right is a shimmery dark royal purple. It’s a beautiful shade that can really make a simple makeup look pop.

makeup revolution scandalous lipsticks

makeup revolution scandalous lipsticks

scandalous lipsticks makeup revolution

From the Scandalous Collection I got Depraved and Vice.

Depraved is a beautiful cool toned lilac-purple shade that can also be paired with a matching eyeshadow for best results.

Vice is a bright pure orange shade. I personally love it, but you should really have white teeth to be able to wear this because it does accentuate and flaws they might have.

100% vamp lipstick

makeup revolution lipstick collection

And from the Vamp collection it got 100% Vamp, a dark maroon shade that is actually very similar to Make me Tonight, just maybe a tone or half of a tone darker. I am glad I got them both because I was very curious about what the difference between them is.

So far I have been enjoying all of these beauties and I definitely plan on getting more lipsticks from Makeup Revolution, since they were so affordable and the colour payoff is amazing!

The texture is very creamy and not at all drying, this makes them very easy to apply and surprisingly they work well without lipliner too.

As far as scent goes, the lipsticks have a bit of a sweet, pleasant smell, but it’s not at all bothering or irritating. I happen to love that about them.

And even though they might not be very persistent, the colour stain lasts all day long, until you remove it with makeup remover actually! I call this a win, especially considering the small price they’re at.

1£ lipsticks makeup revolution

makeup revolution colourful lipsticks

Did you get any of the Makeup Revolution lipsticks yet? What shade should I try next?

Have a beautiful week my darlings ❤ xx


31 responses to “Makeup Revolution lipstick collection swatches

  1. Oh I love that dark maroon colour! So sexy! And make me tonight looks pretty cool to. Great review Maria 🙂

    xo, jackie


  2. These look lovely! I’m a bit addicted to nude colours but want to try out some bolder looks for the summer and these look like a good place to start! Thanks for the inspiration!! X


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