Em by Michelle Phan foundation review

Hello beautiful birdies, how are you all? After a couple of weeks of rain, today we finally had a sunny day so I could take some pictures for you guys. I’ve been using the Love me for me foundation by Em Cosmetics, which is owned by the amazing Michelle Phan, and to be honest this is my first product from her brand!



The shade I own is 07 nude, and it’s about 1/2 shades darker than my current skin tone, with the tan that I’ve got during summer. I hope I get a good use out of this baby before my bronze fades away!




The foundation recipient comes with a pump, which makes it easier to get the product out without contaminating it with my dirty paws. I personally think all foundations should have pumps.


This is the amount I squeezed out with just one pump! This is enough to cover my whole face and neckline thoroughly and the fact that this foundation is liquid makes it very easy to blend in.
The Love me for me foundation is certainly of a liquid nature, but don’t think it can’t provide hood coverage because of that. I’m very pleased with it’s smooth texture and I find it very easy to spread all over my face, it doesn’t get streaky or stuck in your baby hairs either.


As far as coverage goes, I would say this is a buildable medium coverage that you can easily get to full by applying two coats.



Ignore my ratchet ass nails ha ha πŸ˜‚!
This foundation stays on all day, but if you have only skin like mine, it will get shiny after a couple of hours tops. The reason I still really enjoy it is because it doesn’t melt away in my greasy face, as my other foundations do, and at the end of the day I could just dust some powder on top and be good to go for the evening. However it does transfer quite easily if it’s not set with powder, so be sure not to hug and tall men dressed in white shirts πŸ˜‚.

All in all I do hope to use this as much as possible before I get pale again, it’s a lovely foundation and I can definitely recommend it. Have you tried any other Em by Michelle Phan products? What do you think of them?

Have an amazing weekend my loves! Xx


11 responses to “Em by Michelle Phan foundation review

  1. This was a really good quality post, very informative and great pictures! I personally think all foundations should have pumps as well. And I’m intrigued by this one! The packaging especially is beautiful. I love your makeup as well, that lip color on you is STUNNING.
    x M http://www.nik0nic.wordpress.com


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