Cliphair Ltd wavy hair extensions in bleach blonde review

It’s been long enough and it’s finally time to review the wavy bleach blonde hair extensions by Cliphair Ltd! 😂
Hello my pretty pretty ladies, how are you all? No doubt already in the Christmas spirit!
I’ve been trying my luck with wavy textured extensions for the first time, and let me just say: taming these bad boys wasn’t easy. I have naturally straight hair, but for days when I give it a curl, I wanted to have a set of clip-in extensions ready, so that I don’t spend 4 hours curling my straight ones. And before you ask, yes, it does take that long. And no, it’s not because the hair is difficult to manage, but Cliphair extensions are very rich and thick, so you have a lot of hair to work with.


The hair came in a pouch that can be opened on both ends, to make sure you don’t ruin or tangle your hair while getting it in or out.

Inside, my beautiful bleach blonde extensions where also carefully wrapped in a fishnet pouch, and I kept both of these.


I chose the wavy full head set instead of my usual straight one. As you can see, the hair has perfectly sleek, defined waves, which would be a great match not only for waves, but also for small curls.
I can never manage to get my own hair into that perfect wave, so I decided to slightly run my flat iron through them, as you would when doing a touch up.



I the  brushed them gently with my fingers and was left with the perfect messy / beach waves. This is what I was after!

My hair is the Bleach Blonde shade, which was a bit darker and warmer than the Lightest Blonde I got last time. If you are bleaching dark hair, this is the best transition option until you can get your own hair into that icy tone. Bleach Blonde is definitely a warm colour, but it does have whiter accents here and there. Let me just say it looks exactly as it does on the website.



The clips
There’s no doubt that you need good quality clips on your wefts in order for then to stay in place all day. I’ve always had great clips with good grip on my Cliphair extensions.



I was going to include this in the texture section, but why not talk a bit only about how the hair feels?


I really appreciate the quality of this hair. It’s thick, it gives a full look and it looks very natural.

The hair strands are in very good shape and they are strong.

The look
All in all, until I finished horsing around with my product pictures, the sun was setting and I managed to take this “romantic”  photo of me by the window ha ha.


If you look closely on my neck, you can see the shadow of my curtain pattern ahahaha. 😂😂😂
You’re welcome for the cleavage by the way!

And, in case I forgot to mention, mine are the 18 inch ones, but I did give them a trim at the ends. 

To sum up everything I think of these wavy full head extensions so far, I would describe them as Barbie Bleach Blonde, and I would feel nothing less than the doll that I am wearing them ha ha. But if you have no idea how to handle hair, get the regular, straight version if possible. Unless your hair is already curly, then girl this is the set for you!
What do we think of this blonde shade?  Have a beautiful week everyone, hugs from my little heart to yours ❤❤❤ xo


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