Dresslink Haul!

Hello everyone, how are you all? I received my Dresslink order about a week and a half ago, and I couldn’t be happier when I first saw the package.

First of all, after processing, the package got here pretty fast considering it was normal shipping and not express. It took two weeks and I wasn’t even expecting to get it that quick!


The items certainly didn’t disappoint me in any way, and I won’t be hesitant to order from them again. As I mentioned last month, I got a pretty neat swimsuit that has a skeleton print on it, a pair of dress-shorts that have cute polka dots, kitty cat stockings, a pair of cat-eye shaped sunglasses and a must have for winter- touchscreen gloves.

❤ The swimsuit is perfectly fitting , I was a little bit worried that it won’t fit properly at first but it falls in place perfectly and I love the look of it! I’ll be getting one with a Batman suit imprinted next he he.

❤ The skirt is very flowy and feminine, I’ll definitely be making a lot of outfit posts with it.

❤ The cat stockings are probably my favourite item! I already had a pair similar to these when I ordered from Dresslink, but the quality of my new ones is far better. The Dresslink ones are much thicker and elastic, they look like they will last a long time.

❤ The sunglasses have a very sleek, sultry cat-eye shape that fits well on my round face.

❤ The gloves are exactly what I need in winter, since I’m on my phone all the time ^_^

dresslink haul  (1)

When shopping on Dresslink, don’t forget to take a peek in the $0.01 Items section. They host flash sales and you can buy items for as low as 0.01, which I have never seen anywhere else.

Shipping is inexpensive also, but if you really can’t spare it, you also have free shipping items to choose from.

And as for how everything fits, stay tuned for my upcoming posts, I’ll be doing one for each item ^_^

Until then you can follow Dresslink on their social media to find out when there is a sale going on or what’s new on their website. Find them on Instagram @dresslink , @dresslinkofficial, @dresslink_group

Have a beautiful weekend my dears! ❤


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