Cliphair Ltd extensions – dyed the third time

Hello there everyone, hope you’re having a great weekend so far! It’s been a sunny week here in little Romania, so I took some pics of my friend wearing my old Cliphair Ltd extensions that I got a year ago, since they don’t match me anymore but they blend perfectly in her natural hair colour.


She has a medium hair style with a pretty blunt cut in the back and layers framing her face in the front. I was a bit scared that we won’t be able to blend the hair in because of the straight cut, but her hair and the extensions fell together perfectly without any extra effort or help!



The new hairstyle changes her entire look and the fact that I had dyed the hair in different sessions was actually a blessing: our natural hair doesn’t have just one tone / colour. It’s made of many many hairs with different (but similar)  shades, that are highlighted by the sun or that remain darker because they don’t get to be touched by it.


The extensions I clipped onto her hair are a blend of #4 medium brown, and a dark brown that I coloured myself on top for my blonde / red extensions.

I am really impressed by the Cliphair extensions. I dyed them for the third time in permanent hair dye and they still look pretty and natural, as you can see on my girl right here.


I’ve mentioned it before in posts where I talk about them, but the last dye job proves my point best : these extensions took three colour jobs, multiple straightenings and blow-dry sessions and they managed to maintain their soft texture!


Cliphair offers a colour matching service, which comes in handy then you are in between shades or when you do your own hair and have no idea of what colour resulted on your head 😂😂😂. This is exactly my case!




The team is very polite and helpful and will surely help pick the perfect colour match, they not only have a large variety of shades, but Cliphair also carries blends! You can get dark blonde with bleach blonde mix, medium brown with blonde mix, there are so many options that it’s hard to go wrong.

But in case you decide on colouring your extensions yourself, have no fear, it’s easier than you think. Plus, an idiot like me managed to do it so many times without damaging the hair, so I bet anyone can do it 😂.

All in all, I am super happy with the quality of Cliphair Ltd extensions. I’ve had a few sets from them and I loved working with every single one, the hair isn’t hard to manage and the results are marvellous, especially if you are looking to doll up for a big event.
I must admit, that’s not my case, I got them for every day use, and I did wear them daily. One year later, one year and a half for some of the strands, they still look gorgeous!

Have a beautiful day loves!


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