Weekly read: In Company magazine by Attire Club

Hello there beautiful people, we lived to start another week! I hope yours is off to a good start.
Between jobs and school, I have plenty of commute time and small breaks, so it’s not uncommon for me to read something during my day. Last week I got Attire Club‘s In Company magazine and I was really delighted to have it as my entertainment and information source during all my work days.


In Company, as described by the gents over at Attire Club is “a dynamic, entertaining and connected magazine that covers the interests of the modern elegantologist”, and I discovered a variety of articles on style, travel, culture, photography and a few interviews with it. The magazine is over 120 pages so you get a good read out of it, whether it’s on the beach, with your coffee, or like me: during short breaks.


In this issue we got a glimpse of Austria’s culture and style in the Travel section –  which I very much appreciated since I’m visiting my dearest girlfriend this summer.


In terms of style, this magazine was packed with useful guides like how to match your shirt and tie, how to choose a tie or buy winter gloves. As usual, the Attire Club team gets in specific details to make sure you don’t have any questions at the end of an article, and if you follow them on pinterest you can actually pin a lot of their mixing and matching advice.


Clothes are our passion, but accessories are just as important, and In Company offers not only a guide in wearing them, but also an interview with Remy Nagelmaeker- accessories designer and entrepreneur.
Browsing through the magazine you find quite a few interviews actually, and it’s fun (and sometimes surprising?!)  to meet the men behind the brands.


This issue we were blessed with creative people “in their own words”, from designers to models and more: Allan Vos, Jacques Flynn, Cody Caissie, Gary Cass and so on (not sure if I should spill everything or let you discover for yourself).


One of my favourite sections in any magazine is the Lifestyle one. I was reading the 10 things or ideas to put in practice in a year and I felt motivated because some of them I had already started, like giving up a bad habit or learning a new skill. I love reading about photography (though I’m the worst at it ha ha), and In Company features am inspiring visual journal that made me daydream for a second and put all my feelings into photos.

I enjoyed the various content of Attire Club’s magazine and how it was put together. You can get it in a digital form as well as printed (which would make a great coffee table add). The best part was discovering at the end that they even thought of making a QR code glossary, to help you find all the brands featured easily.


Check out In Company here and keep a look out for the next issue ^_^


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