Hello, my name is Maria and I live in this corner of the internet, nice to meet you!

I like chatting with you guys about everything beauty and fashion related, but I share a lot of lifestyle related things as well.

Say hello here or on my social media, I love connecting with you lovelies and nosing around in your lives 😀

Twitter: @cateyesredlips

Instagram: @cateyesredlips

Pinterest: Maria B

Email: mariabirs@gmail.com

Are you an Advertiser?

For business inquiries you can contact me via email at mariabirs@gmail.com

This page gets over 11000 monthly views (last updated February 2015) and I do sponsored posts and banners as well as product reviews.



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  2. Hey pretty lady. i sure took some time off of the Blog IDK? when you will read this because it looks as tho,you also haven’t been around in a while too well,, hope all is well with,,,,you!!!!!


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