This is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog, all opinions are my own and all content is original and honestly written.


In order to keep my readers informed about the latest brands or stores related to my blog’s niche, sponsorships for product reviews or site reviews are taken into consideration, but they do not in any way alter my opinions or articles.

Details and rules of the sponsorships will be concluded via email (mariabirs@gmail.com).

All posts that contain products I’ve been gifted for reviewing purposes or that I’ve been payed to take into consideration will be published under the “Sponsored” category. If the products will appear in future posts after the sponsored review, they will not be marked as “sponsored”, as continuing to promote them would be my own decision for which I am not getting payed.

Any products that are sent just as personal gifts, without any expectations in return will not be categorized as “Sponsored”, but will most likely be reviewed on the blog.

Head out to my contact page and drop me an email if you’d like to be featured, make sure you include all your brand’s links and I will get back to you as soon as possible

I am reserving the right to decline some offers if they are not suitable for my public, my reader’s interest always comes first. I have successfully collaborated so far with fashion sites, shopping sites, PR representatives, small businesses and well known brands, and I’ve done reviews, articles and hosted sponsored giveaways.


I am not responsible for changes regarding content I am linking back to. I aim to inform my readers as best as possible and any links added are valid at the time of publishing.
However if I am informed of any changes, I will gladly go back and modify my posts to contain all new links or information.

I reserve the right to modify content of this site without prior notice, but I will edit it under a “Later Edit” subtitle in my article.

I will not delete any harmful or constructive comments if they are addressed to me directly, but I might block any users that insult one another in the comment section. I value my readers, I have their back 🙂 .

Thank you so much for reading, I hope this answers all legal questions, but if not you can ask me through email/contact form/twitter any time.

Love, M.


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